Wohnbau Seestadt Projekt DELTA

Wohnbau Aspern – A House for Life

Vienna, Austria
In cooperation with “AllesWirdGut“
Client: WBG (Wohnen und Bauen GmbH) and the Gartenheim housing cooperative.
Processing: 2013-2015
Gross floor area: 23.000 m²
flats: 170
Commercial space on the ground floor: approx. 1.500 m²

The exterior form of the ensemble, which houses residential, office and commercial space, resembles an eclectic urban space in its take on the urbanity theme.

Wohnbau Seestadt Projekt DELTA.

Under the premise of offering a high quality of living, the interior of the buildings reflects the social coexistence that is enforced here: for example, about 35 flats each are accessible via wide staircases inspired by the Viennese Gründerzeit. This form of access is compact and efficient, keeps construction and operating costs low and at the same time ensures exchange among the residents.

Image reference: © Daniel Hawelka