General Refurbishment of the Vienna Pension Insurance Institution – “PVA Wien”

Vienna, Austria
In cooperation with “Karl und Bremhorst Architekten”
Client: PVA
Project duration: 2022 – current
GFA: 120,000 m²

The PVA has defined clear goals for the general renovation of its main building, which necessitates a transformation of the aging building. The PVA’s main site is to be transformed into a modern and forward-looking building.

PVA Wien Generalsanierung

The building, which covers around 120,000 m², houses not only the office space of the Vienna headquarters of the Pension Insurance Institution, but also the Center for Outpatient Rehabilitation and the Vienna regional office of the Pension Insurance Institution with a corresponding customer traffic.

PVA Wien Generalsanierung Projekt DELTA. Copyright
PVA Wien Generalsanierung Projekt DELTA

The high sustainability and energy efficiency requirements defined in advance are significantly achieved by a well thought-out, future-oriented facade and energy concept.




Basic evaluation
Preliminary planning
Design planning
Approval planning
Implementation planning
Image reference: © ZOOMVP.AT