Gerngross. Rolltreppen. Projekt DELTA. ©Bruno Klomfar

Gerngross Shopping Center

Vienna, Austria
In cooperation with “LOVE architecture and urbanism”
Client: DEKA
Construction time: 8 months
Construction costs: approx. € 18.3 Mio.
Mall area: 3,100 m²
Retail area: 21,500 m²

This well-known Viennese department store in an inner-city location was completely rebuilt during ongoing operations.

Gerngross. Seitenansicht des Außengebäude. Projekt DELTA.

The building had already been repeatedly altered and therefore it consisted of various building materials. During the implementation of the project, the numerous sensitive contaminated sites and inadequate as-built documentation were a particular challenge for the general planner.


general planning (incl. test engineer)
Image reference: © Bruno Klomfar