FACC Werk 4. Projekt DELTA. © FACC AG

FACC Plant 4, Reichersberg

Reichersberg, Austria
Client: FACC AG
Construction time: 13 months
Construction period: 04/2006 – 04/2007
Built-up area: 20,000 m²
Total floor area: 26,500 m²

Plant 4 of the aircraft supplier FACC is an example of innovative industrial architecture. The high proportion of glass in the façade makes the plant appear very open and transparent and always offers a direct view of the surroundings from its interior.

FACC Werk 4. Projekt DELTA. © FACC AG

A precise color guidance system facilitates orientation in the building, whose expansion is possible if required. At the same time, the current plant center can remain the focal point of the plant in the future.


Local construction supervision
Structural design
Planning coordination
Image reference: © FACC AG