Hallenbad Ebelsberg. Wettbewerb DELTA. ©Delta Podsedensek Architekten ZT GmbH

Competition- Indoor swimming pool Ebelsberg

Architectural Concept Ebelsberg

LinzAG is known for its soothing oases and adventure areas. In Ebelsberg, a new world of LinzAG is opening up! A relaxation oasis in the water, in the park and on the ice. The new building of the “Sauna World Ebelsberg“ blends in with its surroundings in the shape of a snail. The ammonite has arrived, with its upwardly tapering shape, the giant rests gently in the park. Soft, rounded shapes run gently through the entire building, which winds around a green center. Family-friendly, the snail-shaped building is open to anyone looking for out-of-home variety. And it’s open any time of the year.

Hallenbad Ebelsberg. Wettbewerb DELTA. ©Delta Podsedensek Architekten ZT GmbH

The ammonite shape provides a pleasant interplay of open and quiet retreat zones. The flowing form extends from architecture to furnishings. At the same time, the view into the green is always given and orientation is intuitive. Entrance hall, checkrooms, swimming pool and catering area are fanned out around the flowering atrium.

The snail shape creates different room heights adapted to the respective use. In order to emphasize the upper floor (= swimming level), the lower floor (= entrance area) is set back. Thus, guests arriving by streetcar find their way into the oasis through an attractive arcade.

Copyright: ©Delta Podsedensek Architekten ZT GmbH