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For us, Beyond Building means creating worlds, not just buildings. We think of them in the contexts of environment & surroundings, architecture & technology, design & usage, footprint & life circle. This claim is complex and multidimensional. We meet this challenge with precise solutions.


We are a team of architects, technicians and planners who work together for common values and goals: A sustainable future for all and enhancing the quality of life through a responsible building culture.

“What drives us is our aspiration to architecture that combines functionality, design and sustainability.”


We connect competences

When two points of view meet, ideas, people and projects come together. Behind Delta Pods Architects are the DELTA Group with its international locations and the architectural firm Podsedensek. A merger of two companies that allows versatility, enables synergies and generates added value on numerous levels.

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We see architecture as a communicative process with a high level of social responsibility. We plan and design sustainable buildings and are convinced that we are building a better world together.
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The user, the client and all other parties involved in the planning process are intensively involved in the development of the concept. Thus, we accompany our clients from the first idea to the complete implementation of the project.
We combine decades of experience and technical expertise with state-of-the-art digital tools. We are used to successfully handling projects of any size in all planning areas.


We develop concepts that render the identity of the client tangible and spatially experienceable. Delta Pods Architects understand the design of interior living space as more than the mere design of architectural shells.
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We focus on the skillful use and combination of different materials, surfaces and furnishings, as well as the design of customized details, in order to create interiors that are not only functional but also atmospheric.


As a general planner and in cooperation with renowned partners of many years’ standing, we carry out – in addition to architecture – the planning of statics, HVAC (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitation), electrical engineering, building physics, fire protection, laboratory planning, medical technology and any other disciplines.
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We thus control all planning processes and with a view to the entire project. This reduces barriers, optimizes the flow of information and avoids gaps in the awarding process. For clients, this means: one contact person for all matters and an interdisciplinary team in the background.


Digital building models enable development variants to be tested before they are implemented. As a result, the suitability of a solution for different users and needs can be tested and designed accordingly. The digital experience provides a sound basis for decision-making well before high costs are incurred.
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In addition, digital models provide reliable and structured data over the entire course of the project – data that is available to all project participants in real time. Digital processes, integrated workflows, the project platform data pool and virtual building models shorten coordination processes and ensure transparent workflows. Precise evaluations enable a comprehensible representation of the cost development in real time.


As local construction supervisors, we represent the interests of our clients on the construction site and organize the companies on site. In this way, we ensure that our high-quality standards are met.
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In a digital model, the building is comprehensively represented and parameterized. During the planning phase, the client’s requirements are digitally documented in the planning model and in the specifications. Based on this, tenders, costs and schedules are checked for all service phases.
Thanks to forward-looking software solutions, all data from the digital model is retrieved in real time at the construction site. Using the same information, the supervision teams control the quality of the execution and the coordination of the executing companies. This digital planning model allows the individual and continuously optimized quality assurance of each project.


We carry out taxonomy checks, screen projects for sustainability potential and advise clients on their way to a green building. This includes, among other things, the support of our clients in certification processes, but also advice on CO2 reduction and the use of innovative technical solutions.
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We also identify potential risks in order to take countermeasures at an early stage. We also combine Technical Due Diligences (TDD) with Environmental Due Diligences. In addition to environmental aspects, this also covers occupational health, permits for hazardous equipment or substances, and creates clarity on environmental influences that can affect a building.


Strengthened by decades of experience and strategic alliances within Europe, over 150 experts in 6 European locations find the best concept for projects and the environment.


Arch. DI Rudolf Stürzlinger
Arch. DI Markus Hiden
Arch. DI Konrad Scheibl MSc
DI (FH) Dieter Greiner
DI Peter Tersch
Arch. DI Klaus Ransmayr

Czech Republic

Erik Štefanovič
Ing. arch. Iveta Bosáková Pha
Zbyněk Kovář


Ing. Marián Kupka


Dmytro Omelchuk
Viktoriya Berezhna

We are always looking for new talents.