Review: IMMO FutureLab 2024 in Vienna

This year's IMMO FutureLab 2024, featuring lectures and discussions on sustainable spatial development in municipalities and cities, illustrated perspectives and provided impetus for a sustainable future.

The DELTA Group, as a co-initiator of the event, was represented this year by three speakers from different areas of the group.

Klaus Ransmayr (Chief Design Officer of Delta Pods Architects) and Wolfgang Kradischnig (CEO of the DELTA Group) presented the issues of land sealing and vacant properties based on a thorough analysis. Their example projects and solution approaches for vibrant communities served as a wake-up call and motivation to take action.

Chris Müller (CEO of CMb.industries) complemented the discussion by adding the important perspective of brownfield development and the consideration of the site’s history in real estate development.

We would like to thank the participants for their keen interest and epmedia Werbeagentur GmbH & Iris Einwaller for the excellent organization of the event.