Review: 14th GBB Conference on November 8 in Vienna

Architecture versus sustainability - aesthetics versus efficiency

In their keynote speech at the 14th GBB Conference on 8 November, Marc Guido Höhne (Managing Director of DELTA Gruppe & Integrale Beratung) and Klaus Ransmayr (Chief Design Officer, Delta Pods Architects) emphasized the importance of sustainability in their fields:

Marc Guido Höhne: “Sustainable projects are also characterized by a high level of project culture and partnership, among other things, but in our business this is often more of a motto than underpinned by corresponding action.”

Klaus Ransmayr: “Architecture has a responsibility to face up to current social challenges. The topic of sustainability is therefore developing from a “nice to have” to a “must have”.”

Thank you for the many inspiring discussions during the event!

Image credit: GBB Award – Green & Blue Building / ghezzo