Review DDD event on architecture worlds

Architecture & Real Estate Dramatization
Oct. 20, 2023 I Tabakfabrik Linz

Exciting insights into real estate dramatization, brand experience worlds and sustainability in architecture were provided at the DDD event in Linz on October 20!

Klaus Ransmayr (Chief Design Officer at Delta Pods Architects) gave insights into the interplay of sustainable visions and architectural realities.
The event was organized by our partner agency CMb: Department of Disruptive Disciplines I Tabakfabrik Linz.

We are looking forward to the next joint event!

Program: Impulses on “Architecture & Real Estate Dramatization”:


  • “Sneak Peeks from the World of Real Estate Dramatization”.
    Chris Müller (CMb.industries, founding director of Tabakfabrik Linz).
  • “The space is the message – contemplative interventions”.
    Isabel Schölmbauer and Chris Bruckmayr (Ars Electronica Solutions).
  • “Sustainability in architecture – sustainable visions & architectural realities”
    Klaus Ransmayr (Delta Pods Architects).
  • “Brand Experiences in Architecture”
    Markus Pargfrieder (Responsive Spaces)


Read more: https://www.ddd.space/beyond-building-architektur-immobiliendramatisierung/

Image reference: © CMb