Promotion in the field of architecture at Delta Pods Architects – Tobias Ziegelmeyer now acts as Lead Architecture Wels

Tobias Ziegelmeyer will thus provide even better support than before to the long-standing Managing Director Konrad Scheibl.

Tobias Ziegelmeyer, architect at Delta Pods Architects, is taking on additional tasks as Lead Architecture Wels with immediate effect. Based on the heritage and positioning of architecture within the DELTA Group in Upper Austria, he will focus the architecture division even more on design and sustainability in the future and represent it externally.

Tobias Ziegelmeyer joined DELTA in Wels in 2012 in the planning department immediately after graduating from Graz University of Technology with a degree in architecture. He has been a project manager since 2016. He is an expert in the healthcare sector, in designing new working environments and in timber construction and is now being strengthened in his new role within the company. He is particularly proud to have realized a timber construction in the healthcare sector for the “Campus Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy Ried” project and to be able to work in a team of versatile architects.

Konrad Scheibl, Managing Director at Delta Pods Architects ZT GmbH: “With Tobias Ziegelmeyer, we can provide even better service to clients in the field of architecture, meet their individual needs with tailor-made solutions and handle projects at the cutting edge. He brings new momentum to the design team with a strong focus on the Upper Austria/Salzburg region.

Image credit: Erich Sinzinger