Architectural recognition for Delta Pods Architects: Biotechnology Site, Mainz

Delta Pods Architects in consortium with Albert Wimmer ZT GmbH and Knollconsult Umweltplanung ZT GmbH were awarded a recognition for the master plan of the biotechnology site in Mainz.

The design is characterized by its architectural clarity and visionary orientation and intelligently combines the diverse requirements of a future quarter for research and production.

The result is a sophisticated overall picture of a sustainable and innovative biotechnology site.

At the center of the design is an adaptive urban laboratory that takes particular account of climatic, ecological and sustainable aspects. It acts as a centerpiece and hub that promotes research, development and collaboration.

The competition entries were evaluated by a jury of nationally recognized experts and representatives of the City of Mainz, GVG and Stadtwerke. Among other things, the quality of the overall urban and open space planning concept, the quality and functionality of conceivable usage modules, the design and usage quality of the open space, the measures for climate protection and climate adaptation, the innovative contribution and the feasibility were assessed.